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Easter Egg Hunt Party Ideas

Easter Egg Hunt Party from Giggles Galore

Mariah put together a super cute Easter Egg Hunt Party that she shared on Show and Tell Saturday and I wanted to make sure that you saw it.

My favorite was the cake pop flower pot.

I know I said I was sort of over the whole cake pop thing, but I couldn't resist how simple this idea was.  She didn't even decorate them to look like flowers.  And if you don't like cake pops, you can easily just dip donuts into candy melts to get the same effect.

She used Mique's bunny cupcake idea I love how she dressed up the ears with some patterned paper.

And instead of a regular old potato sack race, she added a set of cute bunny ears and they had a bunny hop race.

You can see the rest of this cute Easter party over at Giggles and Galore.


Char @ Crap I've Made said...

Have you ever actually eaten a cake pop?

Classy Clutter said...

I've made the Bakerella cup cake pops!! I made funfetti ones! YUMMM!!!

xo, Mallory

Lorie said...

I love cake pops. They travel well too.

Julie said...

Perfect for out Easter Egg hunt this weekend! I love the ideas :)

Tara said...

That is darling. Sort of makes me feel like our family get together at the park is not sufficient.


darcymae said...

i'm with char. cake pops = BLEH! theyre really cute but not tasty.

Lorie said...

Char, oh yes. I have made them for many an occasion. I actually like the original Oreos version the best.

Kyla Armstrong said...

Mmmm . . . cake pops!