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DIY Cupcake Stand Tutorial

Cupcake Stands from Modern Moments

The easy to cute ratio on these cupcake stands is HUGE!  And they are inexpensive too!  They sort of make me what to have cupcakes sitting out on the counter all of the time.

You can see how they are made over at Modern Moments.


Jen Western said...

Oh my goodness, am I happy to see this!! I purchased 250 of these mini candlesticks on accident (thought I was getting a bigger size..). NOW I know what I should do with them! :) SO CUTE!! I want to use them at my sister in laws wedding, but it might get annoying having to re-fill individual stands, and what if people take them? Might be better for a shower? Either way these are cute, and could be wrapped up into a present too!

Tara said...

That's fun. I've never thought of a cake stand for just one cupcake.


Shareena said...

That's actually a good idea...I love it..