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Unique Ways to Display Memorable Jewelry

Brooch Magnets from Just A Girl

Jewelry that once belonged to someone that you love can be hard to let go of, but isn't always something that you will wear, so it often just sits in a jewelry box.  Chris from Just A Girl found a great way to display her grandmother's brooches so that she could cherish them on a daily basis.  She turned the brooches into magnets and created a beautiful and useful magnet board to help display them.

Tip Junkie used broken jewelry to decorate this monogram, but why not use your keepsake jewelry?  My mother-in-law and each of her siblings have a framed monogram made completely from their mother's jewelry.  It isn't just a meaningful way to display them, but is also beautiful.

Although these frames from Grandmother's Buttons were used to display jewelry that was for sale, the same idea would work to frame your grandmother's necklaces.  I think they would be a beautiful way to decorate a powder room.

And I know many people that use their mother's china or their grandparent's silver for special occasions,, so why not add jewels to the mix with these napkin rings embellished with jewelry I found on Crafty Chick Creations.

Hopefully instead of being hidden away in a jewelry box you can find a great way to display the pieces that are most meaningful to you.


Debbie Mendes Cotton said...

I doubt this is the first time you have received this, but I just awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award because you inspire me EVERY SINGLE DAY! Check it out at!

Anonymous said...

These are really great ideas. I've also seen brooches turned into bouquets for weddings on Etsy. They were really awesome.

Kori said...

I saw her post yesterday and was in I'm in more Hope you had a great day. I'm having a fun giveaway to celebrate my blog makeover! Make sure to enter before Friday if you haven't already! Kori xoxo