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St. Patrick's Day Rainbows

Pot of Gold Scarf from Childmade

Green is the color that gets the most attention on St. Patrick's Day, but it is really the rainbow and the pot of gold at the end that I love.  Here are some fun rainbow themed crafts from Show and Tell Saturday, like this cute pot of gold scarf from at Childmade.  We actually turned the air conditioning today, so we won't be needing a scarf, but if it is still chilly where you are, you could make one for your kiddos (or you!)

Rainbow Jello takes a little time to create, but is a fun dessert for St. Patrick's Day or any day that needs something a little cheery.  You can see a tutorial over at Funky Polka Dot Giraffe.

Childmade used these rainbow 4 leaf clovers to make a card, but they would also make a colorful piece of specimen art.

And Little Wonder's Days uses these cute little rainbow bags to countdown to St. Patrick's Day.  On the last day there is a pot of goodies to celebrate.  You can also print out the cute numbers to make a set of your own on her site.


Amy @ Positively Splendid said...

Oh my word - that little scarf is about the cutest thing I've seen in a LONG while!

kiki comin said...

loving that scarf. great ideas once again.:)

Jello♥ said...

loving this scarf; could really make use of it right now (-30c todday) thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

how genius, I always think of green for St. Patty' did it not occur to me about the rainbow???

kel said...

omg... that scarf is the cuteness!!!!

Lorie said...

I think I just want to hang a picture of the scarf in my house! ;D