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Book Display Shelving

Library Wall from The Princess and the Frog Blog

Last year I fell in love with this library wall from The Princess and the Frog Blog.  I have always loved the look of forward facing bookshelves.  I actually fell in love with the idea a couple of years ago after a neighbor installed rain gutter bookshelves like these from  Kelly Prizel:

The only problem with all of them is that we have a lot of books.  I mean a LOT of books.  I really should utilize the library more and the bookstore less, but it has only gotten worse now that we live 20 minutes from our library.  But Polly from Helping Hands created a set of forward facing bookshelves that might just solve this problem.

These look like your typical forward facing bookshelves, but there is one major difference.

These puppies are deep!  You may not be able to see the front of all of the books all of the time, which is one of the benefits to forward facing book shelves, but these will actually hold all of your books without taking up all of your wall space and you will be able to see the covers of a lot more of them than if they were in a traditional bookshelf.

You can check out the tutorial for these over at Helping Little Hands.


Unknown said...

I love this idea. I would be able to see all the books we have and not have to dig for them.

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Thanks so much for the feature, Lorie!

Lorie said...

Polly, they are beautiful. Thanks for sharing the plans!

JDaniel4smom - and the kids can put them back by themselves a LOT easier!!

Jen Western said...

Super cute! I have just started my book collection (20 week baby in my belly) but am already annoyed that I don't have anywhere to put them. I am in love with these shelves from Helping Little Hands! I want to do it now, which is perfect because I can have just one layer right now, but room to grow.

SewTara said...

I need one of these set ups too! We have a ton of children's books.
It really is insane. We also use the library, but like you we should avoid the bookstore.
Thanks for all the ideas and links in one little roundup!