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St. Patrick's Day Menu

Shamrock Snacks from Martha

It is pretty easy to add green food coloring into a few things and make a fun St. Patrick's Day treat, but if you are looking for some fun food coloring free options, I love the green bell pepper shamrocks from Martha.  You could even make pizza and decorate it with shamrocks.

Of course, Martha would never stop there!  She has a ton of recipes for authentic Irish fare.

Everything from the traditional Corned Beef and Vegetables:

And Corn-Beef Hash:

To non traditional Lime Squares with Pistachio Graham Cracker Crust (that I think need to be cut out with a shamrock cookie cutter personally):

and Shamrock Cookies:

With at least a dozen other recipes, there should be a little bit of something for everyone.


Tammy @ Type A said...

i always thought corned beef was 'Irish', but my mother in law, has informed me that it is an American Irish tradition, and not and 'Old Country' tradition. I don't argue, I just eat her fish and smile! lol

Jen @ said...

Adorable ideas!!!


KellyH said...

Lime Squares...yum!

Lorie said...

Kelly, the lime squares are my favorite too!

Tammy, that doesn't surprise me. We have a way of adding things to other peoples cultures in the food department. Like the fortune cookie! ;D