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Photo Chandelier

One of my goals for this year (call it a New Year's Resolution if you like) is to actually print out photographs that I take.  I have fallen into the habit of just housing them online and I want my kids to be able to flip through photo albums.

Last night I saw this image on a post from Mather Mead:

I have a ton of those alligator clips and some fishing line that I might just save for my craft room when we move.

Even if it isn't a permanent fixture, what a fun way to display pictures of someone on their birthday or of a couple at their engagement party.

Do you have a fun way that you display family photos?  Do you scrapbook?  Have photo albums?  Or are all of your images digital too?


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Great resolution! Every month (a 2010 resolution which I have met) I bring my memory card to the photo lab and pick the top 5 photos to print. I am a well-intentioned, but terrible scrapbooker so I use standard albums (organized by vacation or by date). I have one of those photo chandeliers (smaller scale) in the kids' rooms but it mainly has photos of their friends and extended family who live far away.
Happy New Year!

Nancy's Notes said...

That is what I need to do too! Great resolution!!

Happy New Year!


L a u r a said...

Happy New Year! You're moving again?

DanielleisNesting said...

Fantastic idea!

Anonymous said...

I love this!
I scrapbook, but I have been a huge slacker this past year.
I fully intend to crack the whip this year and get working on my albums!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea! I'm going to tweak it to do something on the wall in my home office.

I do scrapbook my pictures and blog about it, but I'm usually several years behind. I'm still scrapbooking from the times when I used a 35mm camera!

Have you thought about throwing a bunch of them into MyPublisher or Snapfish albums? I'm thinking of doing that because my husband was going through our pictures on the computer the other day and he mentioned that he really wishes he could see them more often. I get an email with coupon codes for albums every other day, so I might take advantage of them.

janadec9 said...

are yall moving again???