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Nail House Numbers

I always fall in love with clever house numbers.  And not the painted ones on the sidewalk.  Those are fine, but I love ideas like this one I saw over at  Paper n Stitch:

image from Lotta Agaton

Very inexpensive and all you need is a semi steady hand with a hammer and some patience to make sure you get all the nails to a similar height.  I have one of those two qualities, so we will see how it goes.


Sherron said...

I'm thinking that if you pre-drill small holes in the wood, it would be easier to put the nails in. I am seriously wanting to do this. Thanks for sharing the fun find!

deborah said...

very cool. my mind is swimming with so many possiblities:)

Lorie said...

Sherron, you are SO right! Then they would be evenly spaced and straight too! You are so smart!

R3 Method Show said...

Different for sure!