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Lace Heart Garland

Michelle used the magic of Mod Podge to turn lace into this beautiful lace heart garland:

Now I am torn between the paper heart garland, the photo heart garland, and this lace heart garland.  Too many choices and not enough time between Christmas and Valentine's Day.  I vote we mote the holiday to the end of February to give us more time to enjoy it!

You see the tutorial for this one over at Michelle Made Me.


Kristie Ab said...

what about alternating the 3 types of hearts in 1 garland? I think it'd be cute!

Stuff by Ash said...

I vote yes to that idea too. All holidays should be at the end of the month. My favorite is the photo one.

Breaking Free From Old Ways said...

This is really cute it looks like I am going to have to make two garlands this lace one and one made from book pages