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Crush Valentines

If you aren't into Love Potion #9 for Valentine's Day, Under the Sycamore has another drink option for you:

What is screams Valentine's more than pink crush! She even turned them into cute little Valentine's Day gifts, even as is they are the perfect drink for your Valentine's Day party.  You can check out more of her Valentine's Day ideas HERE.


Unknown said...

This is my first visit here and just had to become an email subscriber. I stopped by after seeing all the great photos from Blissdom! Maybe next year I'll make it! I'm gonna start envisioning today!
I'm thrilled to 'meet' you! If you're interested in painting at all, hope you'll drop by some time.

Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke said...

LOVE this!!!

The Hungry Housewives said...

I adore the Crush Valentine's!! My 12 yr old son was looking for something inexpensive but original to give his Sweetheart and this is perfect. Thank you!