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Bacon Mancakes

Have you ever had a bacon pancake?  There is a restaurant in Arizona called Liberty Market and if you are ever in Gilbert for breakfast you should head over and get yourself a stack of them.  There is a pancake place here in Austin, Kerbey Lane, that sells what I think might be the best pancakes in the world.  They don't have a bacon pancake on the menu and I might have to talk to someone about that.

So I have had bacon pancakes.  But when I saw this picture of Beer and Bacon Mancakes from Betty Crocker I was curious to find out what a bacon MANcake was:

These pancakes are made with brown sugar candied bacon and beer.   You use Bisquick, but replace the milk with beer and add in some candied bacon.  I am going to use my favorite buttermilk pancake recipe, but the brown sugar candied bacon is definitely worth a try!  I also think the mug idea is worth trying too.  I am pretty sure my kids would think a mug of pancakes for breakfast was really cool.
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