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Card Games I Love

The weather was sort of icky all weekend long, so we spent our holiday inside playing card games as a family.  I love board games and card games.  One of the only things about my kids growing up so fast that I like is that they like to play card games with me.  Other than that I wish they were still little.

We played two new games this weekend.  Not really new, they have been out for a while, but new to us:

Santa brought  SORRY Revenge and I picked up Monopoly Deal when I ran to the store yesterday to pick up lunch.  I have to say that I think both of them are more fun than the board games.  And they take a LOT less time!  Especially Monopoly.  The board game seems to go on forever and is way to long to keep my kiddos interested, but we had no problem playing a hand of Monopoly Deal even after three games of SORRY! Revenge.

Monopoly is pretty much a card version of Monopoly, but SORRY! Revenge is like a game of sorry mixed with a game of 21.  It also has a little bit of hidden learning for your younger kids.  My first grader got some good addition practice in today.

What we didn't play was my all time favorite card game, Wackee Six :

It is a little harder to find than the other two, but totally worth it!  This game is less strategy and more speed and competition.  I love it.

So what did you do with your day off?


~Kimberly said...

A fun one we just got after Christmas was Scrabble Flash Cubes!!!

Mud Pie Studio said...

Have you played Farkle? Santa brought it for us. It's a dice game and our whole family loves it. My 4 and 6 year old can play it (but adults do the score keeping).

Katie said...

We spent the day playing games too! The kids are finally old enough to get through an entire round of Zingo without anyone hurting each other. Hallelujah.

I'll have to check out those card games! Thanks for the tip!

Unknown said...

I LOVE card games mom and I play canasta and cribbage...old people games, but we like them!

christy said...

I bought scrabble slam at Christmas, we have had a lot of fun with that. Have you ever heard of SET? It's a great game to play, you can play alone or with others.

Lorie said...

Christy, I am going to have to check out set. We love Scrabble Slam! We didn't play it yesterday because it is too fast pace and hard to make the 3 year old think she is playing!

Kimberly, my son has wanted my to buy Scrabble Flash. I will have to check it out.

Jaymie said...

Wacky 6 is my favorite too!

Unknown said...

omg we have both of the (upper) games and LOVE them! We take them on every vaca! We are huge board gamers! I will have to look into the last one you posted!

hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

Laura B. said...

So fun! You must try BLINK. You can find it at Target or any other store.

Amy {The Idea Room} said...

We love the game Wackee Six at our house!!!!