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Candle Light Valentine's Day Dinner

I think this idea that I saw over at While He Was Napping is so beautiful and romantic:

but I am pretty sure that we would start a really big fire if we attempted this in our house.  I think I might stick to the floral heart version instead, if I can ever collect enough egg cups:


Semalee said...

I'm loving all of these posts in blogland about Valentine's Day too!

Semalee @ Nailing Jello to a Tree

Michelle said...

The flowers sound MUCH safer to me! I can just see catching the house, or myself on fire.

Kristie Ab said...

you could always use the battery tea light candles. all the glow, none of the fire hazard!

Anonymous said...

I love the candles!!!

The egg cups could be substitued for shot glasses...find that checkers set :)