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Posts of Christmas Past - Winter Ice Cream Treats

It never really dawns on me to eat ice cream in the winter, even though I grew up in a state that didn't even really HAVE winter.  But if you are the type that likes to eat ice cream all year round, you might want to check out these fun posts from Christmases Past:

Ice Cream Snowman:

Ice Cream Ornaments:

Or if you still want something warm, try a Hot Chocolate Float.


Jennifer DeDonato said...

That ice cream snowman looks so fun and yummy

Penelope said...

I'm in Australia, so icecreams is always on our Christmas menu! Most years I make an icecream Christmas pudding with red/pink layer, green layer and white layer, complete with red and green M&Ms mixed through :-) but my girls would get a kick out of those snowmen!