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Burlap Stockings

I am not a lover of burlap, but even I have to admit that these stockings from Make It and Love It are pretty beautiful:

I may have to find a way to incorporate pleats and ruffles (without the burlap) into our stockings.

We have never been huge stocking people, but I really do want to have a family set.  Do you have one set of stockings that you use every year, or do you change them to match the rest of your holiday decorations?


Jodi said...

I am not a great fan of burlap either, I hate the smell and can't seem to get rid of it, but It is so "hot" right now, and I love the rustic look it gives. I really like the look of the burlap stockings w/ the ruffles, beautiful! We don't have stockings,execept one for our daughter. :)

Breathing In Grace said...

I love the look of burlap....if I don't have to sew on it, or smell it, like Jodi says!!! It sure does make a mess to sew!!! But, those stockings look very pretty...from a distance!!!

Heather said...

Not a fan of burlap either, but the ruffles are pretty! We have stockings we use every year... hand needlepointed by my grandma. I am so thankful for them, especially since her hands are starting to give out on her.

Anonymous said...

We have the same stockings every year and they don't "coordinate" with the decor. That reminds me of that car commercial I've seen lately where the mom has the "for show" stockings.

It's funny that you ask this because I posted about our family stocking tradition today. My mom makes every member of the family a stocking and that's the one you have for life. My sister sometimes wishes she rethought the lace she insisted my mom sew around hers when she was little.