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Christmas Tree Cake

I have loved this cake from Martha Stewart for a long time:

So when I saw that it was the inspiration for a Christmas cake over at I Am Baker I knew I was going to love it even before I laid eyes on it.  I was not disappointed:

This almost makes me wish I had a Christmas birthday to celebrate.  ALMOST!

And as if that wasn't perfect just the way it is, you have to head over to her site to see the surprise that is hidden inside.


Mandy Beyeler said...

the inside is amazing!

Annie said...

i think we need to make that for christmas night! that is beauuuuutiful!

Kori said...

What an adorable cake!!! I want to make this right always have the cutest ideas honey! Kori xoxo

Katie said...

I could stare at that all day long!

Lorie said...

Mandy, isn't she so talented! I want to try one of those surprise in the middle cakes sometime!

Annie, I am game if you are!

Thanks Kori!

Katie, I think I am going to start practicing that ribbon frosting technique!

Jenny said...

Those are so pretty! My birthday is the 13th, you can make it for me :)

Moore Minutes said...

Oh my goodness I'm in LOVE!! This is gorgeous. Wow, wow.