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Wax Paper Garland

Beth from The Stories of A to Z made this gorgeous faux Capiz shell garland for her Christmas tree using wax paper:

It look beautiful on her tree and has me thinking.  I love the way the wax paper reflects the light and I think it would be neat to use the same idea, but with snowflakes.

And I wonder if you can sew wax paper?  Anyone have any experience?

And while you are over at Beth's blog, check out the snowy pinecone ornaments she made too:


Shelly said...

Here is a link to a sewn wax paper heart garland.

Jarod & Jamie said...

You can Sew on wax paper it just like all other paper products dulls the needles, But Got to be careful when sewing it, it will rip at the sew marks.

Lorie said...

Thanks ladies! I figured it would, but I have lots of spare needles! (I used to only use my sewing machine for paper back when I was a full time scrapbooker!)