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Fun at the Kids Thanksgiving Table

Being the youngest in my family, I was never fond of the idea of a kids table.  But my opinion changed after marrying my husband.  The kids table at their house is always full of fun decorations, games and even treats that the big people don't get to share.

I am always on the lookout for something neat to use for the kids table, something that will wow my in-laws. And this year I am pretty sure I have found it at One Charming Party.  Actually, I should say I found them. There are a ton of ideas that you need to check out!

My son is almost 10 and I think he will love this boat race:

Kid table worthy, but not to young for a 9-year-old boy.  I might have to have them buy milk at lunch and bring the empty cartons home for me.

This paper bag turkey is a cute centerpiece and a fun snack to keep the kids occupied while the real turkey is still cooking:

These corn cobs are also party favors with fun trinkets hidden inside:

They will look great next to the stuffed paper turkey and would also work really well for a farm themed birthday party.

I don't think she is done posting cute ideas for the kids table and I can't see what else she comes up with!


tt.scraps said...

GREAT ideas!! Thanks for sharing!

darcymae said...

those boats are too cute! and you can just use the little milk cartons the whipping cream comes in!!

Lorie said...

I am going to have to make a test version and make sure they work before Thanksgiving. The craft I made for 4th of July were a big old bust, so these have to be good! ;D