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Glass Tinsel Christmas Ornaments

I love the clear glass Christmas ornaments because you can fill them with so many fun things.  I actually have one filled with pieces of other broken ornaments.  It isn't the prettiest, but it is super sentimental.  It also saves me a few tears anytime one of my ornaments breaks.  Not all the tears, but a few!

I have seen just about everything inside of a glass ornament, but I can't believe I have never thought to put tinsel stars inside of them before:

I found this image at House of Smiths.  She is getting ready for her Christmas post and I can't wait to see what other beautiful designs she has in store for us!


Amie said...

Definitely a great idea, and so pretty.

Alyssa said...

Where can we get tinsel stars from?

Lorie said...

They are not tinsel stars, just pieces of tinsel cut off of a strand. I hope that helps!