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DIY Dutch Door

When I was eight years old my dad built a playhouse for me in the backyard.  My dad built houses for a living, so this house was truly a little house.  It had electricity (with a little TV and light inside), a sliding glass window, and a dutch door.  The electricity was cool, but the dutch door was my favorite.  

Karla from It's The Little Things That Make A House A Home took a regular door:

And transformed it into a dutch door:

Isn't it pretty.  I am so jealous!  I love it and now I want a house with a dutch door to the backyard.

You can see the transformation and dream of a dutch door of your own right HERE.


Anna @ Take the Side Street said...

Love it! This was on my to-do list this summer with my back door but I never got around to it. I love dutch doors. :)

Cassie said...

OOOHHHHHH!!! This is Fab!!!!

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

I totally love this! I wish I had a house so bad to do this to. This is def going in to mental scrapbook.

Karla said...

Seriously - how sweet are you?! What a nice surprise to find this tonight! Thanks a million! XO

~Karla @ It's The Little Things...