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Gobble Gobble Turkey Cups

I saw these cute treat cups from Pebble in my Pocket:

and they reminded me of these fun turkeys that my mother-in-law makes every year:

She has made them in red before too.  I like the red ones.  But if you want them to be brown, you could use brown paper like these from Craft Sanity:

The best part about them is that they make a fun gobbling sound.  You can see what I am talking about on this video from Science Bob.  It is 2 minutes long and is the perfect tutorial on how to make them, but if you just want to hear the gobble to see if you think it is cute or think a table full of them will drive you crazy, skip to minute 1:30.

If you decide that you do think its cute, use a plastic cup and decorate it like a turkey, then attach a string to the inside of the cup.  You can punch two wholes and tie the cotton string through it, or you can use a paper clip (not as cute) like Bob did.  Either way you will have one (or a dozen) cute turkeys at your Thanksgiving table.


janadec9 said...

That is toooo cute!!

Golden Daily Scoop said...

Those are adorable, what a great project! Thanks for sharing!!

Lorie said...

They really are fun for the kids AND the adults! ;D

Jennie Bender said...

That video is too amazing! Definitely doing this with my preschoolers=) Yea!