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Caramel and Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

I am a fan of making and eating chocolate dipped pretzels around the holidays.  They are relatively inexpensive and a good filler to a holiday goodie tray you give your neighbors or work buddies.  If I am feeling super eager I will even dip them in caramel and then chocolate.

By super eager I really mean only when my oldest sister is helping.  She is the best person in the world to make treats with because she does the dishes while you do all of the fun stuff like dipping and decorating.  ALL of the dishes.  So the messy melted caramel in the pan, it has disappeared before the caramel even dries.

Unfortunately, when I moved away from Arizona I also moved away from the fabulous sister that does the dishes.  But Relatively Reagan may have saved my pretzels from a caramel-less existence.  She made these cute Thanksgiving pretzels:

and she used the caramel apple wraps.  I am pretty sure you could just use a rolling pin and roll out some regular caramels too, but cleaning up the pot of melted caramel might be easier than that.

What is your favorite dipped pretzel combination?


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

I really found it easy to use the candy melts to cover my that's my favorite combo :)

Lorie said...

Candy melts are good. So is bark. But the real stuff is SO much yummier IMO, just a lot more work.

Suzanne said...

Love chocolaty pretzels. There's something about the salty / sweet combination that is so delightful!

Annie said...

personally my favorite is a xan classic. chocolate dipped JALEPENO pretzels. seriously it's right up there with the pumpkin pies with no sugar