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Lollipop Tree Advent Calendar

I absolutely do not want my children eating these lollipops on a daily basis, but this tree is so cute that I might have to have to torture them by making them look at the beautiful lollipops and never eat them:

Maybe add one every day instead of take one down.  Or just make it a lollipop tree and not an advent calendar.

as seen on OhDeeDoh


Dee said...

You could buy the fake glittery lollipops in the Target holiday department. Or you could just pour glitter over real ones.

Cupcake Dessert said...

Ahh... so cute!! But I think I would do like the previous poster and use fake lollipops.

Amie said...

wow, this is so so pretty!

Lorie said...

Fake lollipops are a good idea because I know these would break! We took cousin pictures with lollipops last year and two out of three were broken just by opening them! They are fragile little suckers!

Annie said...

xan used to have one of these too. i'm wondering if she still has it? mmmmm, i think i need to steal that decoration.