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Canvas Drop Cloth Art

I have seen drop cloths used in a lot of different ways.  Curtains, headboards, upholstery fabric, and holiday decor to name a few.  I even bought some to use as exterior curtains in my old house to help block out the sun in the hot summer months.

They are all fun and beautiful and useful, but this one from House Tweaking might be my favorite use for a drop cloth yet:

Of course I love the line from You Are My Sunshine, but what I really love are all of the possibilities.

When I was in Junior High I really wanted to splatter paint my room.  I don't think I ever even asked my parents because I was pretty sure the answer would be no, but I could have splatter painted a drop cloth and hung it on the wall and had the same look in a non permanent, never have to paint over it way.

My daughter hangs all of her favorite art projects above her bed.  How fun would it be to just let her go to town on a huge drop cloth and have a giant piece of her own art hanging above her bed.  Temporary and inexpensive, but I have no doubt that it would make her year!


Angie Holden said...

That is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Love the idea!

SarainAkko said...

We use the drop cloths to make playscapes. Made an awesome castle for my 4yo's birthday. Easy set up easy take down, takes up zero space in storage. Here's the link.

Kori said...

Great idea for sure! Kori xoxo

Lorie said...

SarainAkko - That is SO CUTE!

Kristin @ Daydream Designs said...

How cool! I'm going to have to try this!

Foundinthe-ALI said...

I wanted to splatter paint my room too! My parents were like NOO WAY!

Ive never thought of a drop cloth. I love the look of canvas. I can't wait to do this!!