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Disney Button Oranaments

We love Disneyland in our house.  Living over 20 hours away by car is a really sad thing for us.  We used to drive to Anaheim twice a year with our kids.  We loved it.  Every second of every trip.

Last night I spent an hour on the phone with a good friend who will be going to Disneyland this week.  I was giving her all of the tips that I could think of and we were going over the rides, the attractions, and the need to know information.  It put me in a Disney state of mind, so when I saw this cute project over at Someday Crafts I fell in love:

We would always go to Disneyland over someones birthday, so we had quite a collection of their birthday pins.  I always felt guilty tossing them, but I didn't have a use for them.  Stay at Home Megan turned them into great little ornaments with a picture of the trip on the back:

Such a fun idea!  They can hang in their room, or if you go around Christmas time you can change the color of the ribbon and use the ornament on the tree.

You can check out the tutorial for this cute button ornament HERE.

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Katie said...

Such a great idea! It's killing us too, living away from Disneyland. We don't even get Disneyland commercials anymore - Only Disney World. The other day one came on and Jolie said, "Disney World is better than Disneyland." It about killed us! ;) We corrected her, of course.