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Banana Split Bites

These cute little treats are from Baker's Royale:

They are banana split bites that would be pretty cute on just about any dessert table at any party.  They are even easily dressed up for Halloween.  Did you know you can buy orange maraschino cherries?  One of my favorite restaurants in AZ uses all sorts of colorful cherries.  They are actually different flavors.

But even without the orange cherries you could use some black and orange non perils that are super easy to find in the stores this time of year and it would be perfect.

You can see how to make these treats HERE and if you love the mini bite sized treat idea, Frost Me is featuring a bunch of them on her blog HERE.

PS - If you are wondering why these are called banana split bites when there isn't any ice cream, you need to go check them out, because there is ice cream tucked inside each one!


Hildie said...

Those are so precious I could just die! They seems like a lot of work. I would definitely do it only in a competitive mom situation (you know what I'm talking about!)

Janiece said...

very cute

Delia said...

You know what I like about this? It is relatively healthy but still sweet and a treat! I don't get a stomach ache looking at it....sorry we just came from a kid's birthday party. I feel sugar sick from watching my kids consume a pound of sugar each. :)

KellyMellyBoBellyBananaFanna said...

I had to check out this post because I'm a HUGE banana split fan.

I could totally see a simple, classy little version of these at the end of a dinner party to add some fun. I don't think they look too difficult.