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Ruffled Cake

Ruffles are everywhere these days, and they are even cute on cakes:

It is really too bad this wouldn't look as cute in black or orange so you could use it for a Halloween party.  It is just going to have to stay a pretty wedding/shower/birthday cake idea.

Image from Crave Cupcakes


Unknown said...

What if you did it in orange white and yellow like a candy corn? Who am I kidding? That would be waaaaayy too much work! ;)

Penelope said...

Actually it doesn't take all that long to ruffle a cake once you figure out which way to hold the icing tip LOL! So Candy Corn colors is totally doable.

Lorie said...

Sarah. Now I want a three tiered cake, one for each if the candy corn colors! Maybe this will be the birthday cake for the Halloween girl!!

Barb said...

Crave is only 10 minutes from my house. I'll really have to go pick one of these up!