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Canned Goods Drum Set

My son would LOVE a drum set.  

Let me stop right here for a second.

Mom and Dad,

I know you are reading this.  If you buy The Boy a drum set for Christmas it will be staying in Arizona.

I love you.


Okay, so he would love a drum set, but I have not reached the level of crazy where I would even think of letting him have one yet.  I just recently reached the level of crazy where I let them own Silly Bandz.

But I am the type of mom that would make this:

put it in The Boy's room, and then when he got home from school tell him there was a surprise for him...a new drum set.  Is that terrible!  He would think it was funny though.  He is my kid.  And he would probably play it with the chop sticks he uses as drum sticks.  That is not made up.  He has been using a pair of chopsticks from Pei Wei  for over a month now.

But you have to admit that this mini drum set is pretty cool.  Maybe I should help him make a set of miniature drums for his room.  Or maybe we will just go to Hobby Lobby and buy some more Rock Bandz:

PS Can I just say that I actually LOVE that Hobby Lobby sells Silly Bandz.  Now my kids can't wait to go there with me! 



Kai said...

I got my son a drum pad last Christmas and it has been a win-win situation. He gets to drum away, but if we don't want to listen to it he has to put on headphones. It is also small enough to slip under his bed.

But the mini is cute.

Connie said...

Love that drum set! It's perfect! I have 2 sons who played the drums! It was maddening but they loved it! Good ear plugs is the answer.

Lorie said...

Kai, that is a great idea!

He saw this and thought it was pretty neat, so we might have to make one of these just for fun too!

Susan Payton said...

Just blogging around this evening and found your blog. I love that drum set, very creative.
Thanks for letting me visit, every blog is different and it is always fun to read other ones.

cre8ivesky said...

My three year old loves birds and loves going to Michaels with me cause he can always find one of some sort there! Not long ago when my husband asked him where he wanted to go for lunch in town, he replied "Michaels!" I was pretty proud :) I really enjoy your blog- thanks for all you do and share!

janadec9 said...

Our first Silly Bandz just came to my house yesterday...I thought maybe we were gonna skip that fad, but I guess not. Someone gave one of my munchkins a drum set, with an amp and a guitar one year for christmas...luckily we lost the cord for the amp shortly thereafter.

mary said...

we had the drum set for the wii and MAN do they have fun with that! ALl ages and it isnt too loud. lol.

I was really hatin on the silly bandz until I realized they vacumn up like a dream! No problems. So now I dont mind them. lol

Amie said...

My kids are also into silly bands, and my middle child wants to play percussion when he's old enough for school band. Oh Yay.

Katie said...

How do people come up with these things?? I love it!

Allison @ House of Hepworths said...

OMG this is freaking awesome!!!