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I see a ton of gorgeous chandeliers in peoples bedrooms and am always a little envious.  We have always had a ceiling fan in our bedrooms and always will.  Texas and Arizona have one thing in common and it is the need for a ceiling fan in every room of the house.

That is why I love the idea of combining the two into a fandelier:

I love House*Tweaking for planting the idea in my head!


Nank said...

So when the fan is running do they blow all over the place? And does it make a bunch of noise? I could never sleep under that fan if it did. But it is pretty.

Grace said...

Love that idea! I live in Arizona and although I detest the visual aesthetic of ceiling fans, we have one in all of our rooms too. It's a necessity. I never thought of dressing them up a bit :)

Lorie said...

Grace, our home in AZ even has a fan in the dining room! It was an older home and the dining room was the farthest away from the AC unit, so without it we would have never used the dining room!

So not the look we wanted for the room, but sometimes function has to win over appearance! ;D