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Seven Veggie Calzones

With school starting tomorrow, that means a lot of other things start around here tomorrow too.  Mostly living by a schedule again.  Oh, and planning meals.  I sort of take the summer off and we fly by the seat of our pants in the kitchen at dinner time.

I have been looking for recipes to add to my repertoire.  The kids love making pizzas and I really love the pizza dough recipe that we have, but we could use some options other than pepperoni.  This calzone from Cheeky Kitchen looks like it is worth a try:

There are seven different veggies hidden inside:

And maybe because they are hidden inside, the kids won't notice them.

If you want to give this recipe a try, she has an easy pizza dough recipe you can use right HERE.

What do you like to top your pizza (or stuff your calzone) with?


Tara said...

I just saw these last night and the kids and I are making them and surprising Daddy at work with veggie calzones for lunch before they go back to school :). Yummy!

christy said...

Yum! For pizza, we like the Our Best Bites pizza rolls, and mini-bagel pizzas (made at home). I usually do cheese for the little man or even turkey pepperoni (although he likes mushrooms, onion & peppers too).

Tonight we are having "skillet lasagna" and I hide some shredded zuchini inside.