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Rain Boot Planters

Jodi from Pleasant Home posted some gorgeous pictures of a shop that she visited on her vacation, Yankee Trader.  Before she even walked in the door I fell in love with this picture:

Look to the left.  See all of the cute red rain boots? They are all filled with greenery.  The all white building and the red boots and the green plants.  Gorgeous!  Maybe I will buy my kids rain boots this year so that I can use them as planters when they grow out of them next year.

You can see the rest of the gorgeous pictures from this store HERE.


Anna said...

We did that in our children's garden this year! We called it Mr. McGregor's garden and planted mini radishes, thumbelina carrots and some greens! It was a really fun project (and of course we read Peter Rabbit!).

Nancy's Notes said...

Those are just adorable little boots, and what a great idea! They will probably be your most favorite planters ever!


Unknown said...

How clever! I will have to keep my eyes out for these cute boots at Walmart or some such place. Thanks for the idea!

Jodi Nelson said...

I've seen those boots a dozen times and I still love them! Such a blast to see my photo on Be Different! A total honor! ooxx`jodi