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Paper Halloween Decorations

If you want to keep the cost of decorating down for Halloween, but still want to do something neat, invest in a roll of black butcher paper.  Martha has aboout a dozen ideas that require no more than black paper, some good scissors, and a patient cutting hand.

If you have a staircase in your home that isn't carpeted, you can add a spooy staircase silhouette:

or some creepy mice:

You can use the black paper to turn your lamps into ghouls:

or infest them with bats:

Add some spook with black paper curtains:

Or put something a little scarier in your windows:

Not to mention that it will make a great table cloth for a Halloween table by itself on the kids table or  under some tulle on your buffet.  There are about a million and one uses for butcher paper and I pretty much love them all.


Brittanie Gordon said...

I'm making silouettes!! Just spray painted some frames!

nina@themissadventuresofnina said...

My sister did the mice in her house and they look amazing. I'm trying them this year

Nank said...

If you can't find black butcher paper go to Home Depot or Lowe's and get black roofing paper. It works great!

Unknown said...

Wow those are great ideas! I loved your blog!

Lovely Scribbles said...

I always start planning for my fall fest early, so these images definitely get me in the mood to decorate. So fun!

Lorie said...

Nank! Thank you for the suggestion! We have a teaching supply store close and they usually have black butcher paper, but I will have to compare the price!

Anonymous said...

I too love the idea of the mice. However, Mr. Wonderful would FREAK big time. Last year I did bats and placed them on the 8 little windows that surround the door. I backed them with orange tissue paper. They looked great in the evening when viewed from the outside. (I would leave the hall light on for added glow effect)

Sawdust Girl said...

Thanks for all the great ideas.

Miss G said...

If you don't have time to do stuff like this yourself, I was at Joann's last night and saw Martha packs of stuff like this for sale. Kelly