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Princess Dress Up

Crafterhours has posted two tutorials so far for princess dress up dresses. The first is Snow White:

And the most recent is Belle:

I can't wait to see which one she does next!  My niece has the cutest Cinderella dress.  It is actually her cleaning dress, not the usual princess dress.  Maybe I will suggest that one to Adrianna!

These dresses are perfect for every day play, but also might come in handy with Halloween around the corner.  Okay, maybe down the street and around the corner...but it will be here before you know it!!


Unknown said...

My Little Bear would love to have your daughter over for tea, dress-up, and make-overs! So Cute!

Αγαπη said...

I've been traveling for some weeks now and I haven't been able to check in. Can I tell you how much joy it brought me to log on and see all of the brilliant and cute things you've posted about since I've been gone?!

As always, keep up the great work!!

crafterhours said...

yay! Thanks for the feature! I have actually been planning on making Cinderella's cleaning dress, but I think I might do Ariel's "missed kiss" dress next.