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Party Favors on a Stick

Paper and Cake posted about these cute party favors on a stick:

I wish I would have had the three eyes this summer for my niece's Toy Story 3 party.  And we could have made the speech bubble say something like "The Claw!"

I think this one is my favorite.  Especially the Arrrgh!

And add these to a cape and it will make any little boys day!

They are like the mustaches on a stick that are so popular right now, but more fun than just a mustache!

And the best part is that you can download these for free HERE.


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

love this too! May use this idea for my Halloween party :)

WhisperWood Cottage said...

Clever and cute!


Jessika said...

I think putting them on straight straws would be super smart. Lightweight, and no chance for someone to poke themselves severely in the eye when running with them!

Lorie said...

Jessika, what fun is it if their isn't the possibility of someone getting their eye poked out! ;D

Cheryl said...

Adorable!! What a neat idea!

abigail @ Paper and Cake said...

how could i have missed this? thanks so much for the blog love :)