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More S'more Varieties

I have been saving s'more ideas all summer.  Too many ideas.  And summer is almost over.  Not that you can't eat a s'more in the fall or winter, but there are so many fall and winter treats that you have to eat that we just don't have time for s'mores!  So before s'more season is over I have to share them all with you!

I am pretty sure I am going to have to try some S'more Bark:

And A White S'more looks interesting.  Maybe even add a little slice of banana to the party:

And then there are granola thins!  I am going to have to try these out:

Why not try it in pie form:

And if pie isn't enough, what about chocolate cake s'mores cookies:

And if you have pie and cake cookies, then you have to have s'mores with ice cream:

or at least a s'more milkshake:

I don't think we have enough time to get these all in before summer is officially over, but it never hurts to try!   Okay, actually it might hurt to try.  Actually it might kill you.  So please choose wisely!


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

OH MY..those cookies look amazing!

Anonymous said...

oh my i made smores brownies they are on my blog. now i will have to try these!! YUM!

Amie said...

wow wow wow wow wow....

HereForTheFood said...

thank you so so much for featuring my recipe. it means a lot to me.

Miss G said...

oh wow! gonna need to try the milkshakes. I have a s'mores post going up soon. I'm gonna link to you. Kelly