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Framed Tile Backsplash

I love this idea from Susan at Hometown Girl:

She framed some tile to add a new look to her backsplash without redoing all the tile:

She actually did it to hide something that was there, some painted tile that she didn't love, but I love the idea of adding a splash of color in a frame with different backsplash tile.  In fact, I have a friend that has been buying dishes forever to make a custom backsplash collage, and I might just have to suggest this to her.

Jenny, I am suggesting this to you.

You can read about her project HERE.


Kacey said...

Beautiful! I've been out of the blogosphere for a bit but wanted to come by to say hi. I am working on a few birthday parties and I KNEW I had to come by your place for inspiration! {{{HUGS}}

Unknown said...

hi! thank you for the mention!! i wish i could have found the before tiles, i know i posted them somewhere!! have a super day!! susan