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Crocheted Rainbow Coin Purse

I think I might have to try to remember how to crochet.  My grandmother taught me when I was young, although I am pretty sure I only ever learned how to make a really long chain.  My mother is actually really great at it.  I have a blanket on my couch that she made for me that I love.  So I might have her try to teach me how to crochet in a circle so that I can make this:

And although that would make a cute coaster or a pretty pot holder, you can also go to Sparkle Petal and find out how to make it into a cute coin purse:

And I could say that I want to make them for my girls, because I know both of my girls would love them, but I sort of just want one for me!

1 comment:

Stephanie R. said...

I love this!!!!
I wish I could crochet too. I need to find someone to teach me too!