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I have posted about Croquembouche before:

Well I stumbled upon a cooking blog tonight that I had been to once before (see this alfajore recipe) but hadn't been to in a really long time.  So long that I didn't recognize it until I stumbled upon the alfajore recipe.  But even before then I knew I was going to love it.  Because his most recent post was about this:

Churroquembouche.  What is not to love about a guy that takes a fancy french pastry like the croquembouche and remakes it with churros!  Anyone that bakes with churros can come sit by me!  But only if they bring me a churro.

You can see the rest of Matt's creations at  Matt Bites.  See even the name is good!

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Unknown said...

I've wanted to make one for AGES, but never had a reason to. Haha