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Balloon Invitations

Hip Hip Horray compiled balloon invitation ideas and some of them are pretty amazing!

Armelle threw a fabulous circus party and included a red balloon for her guests to bring to the party:

The balloon even contained a password for a prize at the circus.  Pretty cute.

FPO created these save the dates for a customer, who took the balloon idea a step further and had the information printed directly on the balloon:

And On Hand + Modern took it even on step further and filled them with hellium before she delivered them:

These would have to be hand delivered and you might even have to fill each one up RIGHT before you delivered it.  She used water balloons so that they would fit in the little boxes and they didn't hold the helium long.  You could do it with bigger boxes or you could even just put the cute tag on the bottom of a regular balloon and leave it on someones doorstep!  (As long as the card attached also served as a weight to keep the balloon from floating away.  AND you were sure the person was home!

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