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S'more Camping Party

Kara, from Kara's Party Ideas, always find the idea!

On a side note, isn't it nice when blog titles actually tell you what you are going to find on their blog, like party ideas, and not just really random like Be Different....Act Normal.  Anyways!  *sigh*  Back to the cute party ideas!

So Kara posted about a really cute camping party from Moore Minutes.  The whole party was very cute, but of course what I loved most were the S'mores:

Chocolate graham crackers!  Insert the standard "why didn't I think of that?"  At least I have used Reeses before.  Phew!  Carmel Hershey bars are also really yummy when making S'mores, but they get SUPER messy!

Even the marshmallows got dressed up for the party:

The rest the party is really cute too.   Pigs in a sleeping bag, A campfire cake, bug juice!  You can see it all HERE.


Amie said...

HOLY lands I went to her site...that was AMAZING. How in the world she pulled that off out in the middle of nowhere is a miracle. We camp a lot, but there's no way all those things would stay cute and in one piece on the trip up there, let alone once unpacked!

christy said...

Love this!!! I will be planning my 2nd annual Halloween party soon (se, u r not the only early planner ;)) & I will do a S'mores bar again. These are going to be great!

Lorie said...

Amie, in AZ it would all melt before you even GOT it in the car! ;D

Lorie said...

Christy! A Smores bar for Halloween would be so fun! You can have Oreos be an option to replace the graham crackers and use the fun Halloween colored one's! And Halloween size candies are perfect for Smore's! And I am pretty sure you can find orange pumpkin shaped marshmallows that time of year too!

Oh and you MUST try to find an orange chocolate flavored candy for the middle! YUM!

Moore Minutes said...

How did I JUST NOW find this?!! Thank you SO much for posting this. This was super exciting to find my party posted here. <3