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Flat Screen in the Fireplace

I have seen flat screens above the fireplace, but never IN the fireplace:

It is actually a faux fireplace and a pretty clever idea!  You can see the tutorial HERE on Apartment Therapy.


Danielle Renee said...

My only issue is that it would be so low to the ground. But maybe its not at low as I think it owuld be. Great concept never the less.

Unknown said...

we have one above our gas fireplace - in would be better - we never seem to use the fireplace!

hugs! Kim @
party inspiration

Michelle said...

Love this idea! I'm guessing too that, though it looks low, you would likely get used to watching it that way.

Kelly said...

What a neat idea!!!! But I would miss the actual fireplace in the winter :(

Susan said...

I have a beautiful fireplace mantle from an architectural salvage shop. I bring it out and decorate it at Christmas. Maybe I need to get a flat screen tv and make it a permanent part of my living room!!!! The opening is definitely wide enough for a good-sized tv. Great idea!