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End of Summer Playground Tour

I love our 'End of Summer' traditions. We might have almost as many as we do Christmas traditions. I love having the kids home for the summer, so the only way to keep from being sad that they are doing back to school is to fill the last week with a ton of fun activities.
I read a new one in Family Fun Magazine and I want to add it to our end of Summer routine.
The weekend before shook starts you have a playground-palooza! You spend the entire day going to all the playgrounds bear you and you hide a treat or lunch or snack at each park. They get to play and hunt for goodies all day.
Of course, the idea came from someone in Michigan. It would be WAY to hot to do something like this in Arizona and I have no idea what the August weather in Texas is going to be like, so this might have to be an end of Spring Break tradition.


{Tasha Bridges} said...

I love this idea! Can't wait for my kiddos to be of age to do this!!

By the way, I live in East Texas, August weather is HOT & HUMID! Very, very hot! It doesn't start cooling down until late October/early November. I'm 27 weeks pregnant right now and its too hot to even take my toddler outside to play except in the evenings! Be prepared! ;)

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

I saw this idea too in Family Fun. What a great idea. I'm starting to make a mental map of the playgrounds in our area :)

Katie said...

You are SUCH a cute mom. The end of summer break makes me sad too. :( I just can't relate to all my Facebook friends who are counting the days until their children are back in school!

Barrett said...

Since my 3 girls were young and in elementary school, we have watched the sun go down on the last night of summer break on our front porch steps eating Nutty Buddies and listing things we did over the summer and things we will always remember. Just as it gets dark we take a family picture.

Now that two of them are in college it has gotten a little trickier because everyone heads to school and out of town on different days. THEY still insist on carrying on the tradition. We now celebrate (commiserate) on the last night before one of them is due back at school. My heart is already heavy knowing that "packing day" is just a few short weeks away. Slow Down Summer!!

I look forward to reading your blog. It is wonderful!

Delia said...

That is an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing. We may just do this one.

Salsa Mama said...

Yea, my little kids keep asking to go play at the park, and I keep reminding them that we don't play at parks in summer! Only water parks. :)

Janell said...

The weather in Austin in August is hot and sticky! Thus far this year has been cool compared to last, but I don't expect the weather to remain moderate for the rest of the summer. Summer around these parts lasts all the way through October. (I LOVE not wondering if it's going to snow on Halloween.)

Crystal said...

sounds like a great idea... but not for texas. My area of texas is usually over 100 in august.