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I-10 Mobile Interstate Guide

We are safely home in Texas again after a month long visit with family and friends in Arizona.  And on my way home I found something that I had to share with you!

Traveling with three kids in the car for 1000 miles along I-10, we only had to stop for about three dozen times for potty breaks.  It was during one of those emergency situations that I discovered the I-10 Mobile Interstate Guide.

This thing is packed with information about I-10 in every state that it covers.  It will give you alternate routes, the length of the interstate in each state, and the information I used the most, the location (by mile marker) of all of the Rest Stops.  It even tells you if they have restrooms, are handicap accesible, have picnic tables, RV Dumps, trash cans, phones, pet areas, you name it!

If you are taking a road trip this summer and will be spending ANY time on the I-10 you need to check THIS  site out!


Allison @ House of Hepworths said...

Um, I JUST DROVE I-10 from LA to Austin. Where was this when *I* needed it?! Next time I drive to LA (never) I'll be sure to use this. Thanks for sharing!!
I may actually drive to Arizona because I actually like AZ, so maybe I will use it after all.
So, you're home? Wanna play?

Amie said...

Dang it!! We never made it out to Mesa!!! UGH! Ok when are you coming next...

Heather said...

I never knew about this site and I live right off "the 10" as they call it down here in So Cal.

Great info, but I did find the question and answer section a bit odd, as people asked about everything from hoarding to reading Twilight. Entertaining, though, even if not that informative :)

Thanks for sharing. I love your site and come to it every day to see what you've added. So many great links all in one place. It's like one-stop shopping!

Lorie said...

Allison, I seriously found it by Google-ing rest stops I-10 because my daughter was doing the dance in the back seat and I had NO desire to stop on the side of the road!!!

Katie said...

VERY great tip! Glad you made it back safely!

KLee said...

I don't travel I-10, but will be traveling I-20 later this year. I changed the 10 to a 20 in the url and what do you know...the same info, different highway! Thanks!