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Beautiful Shutter Wall

I know why I can never find any cute old shutters!  Laura from Olive and Love took them all!  (kidding...she lives in NV, so I am sure she isn't the source of my problem!)

Laura is covering an entire wall of her house with shutters!  And before you even TRY to picture it, just LOOK at it:

The project is being featured at RoboJunker, which is where I fell in love with it!  At First Sight!

She also posted about a restaurant (that she heard about AFTER her project) that has shutters on the wall AND ceiling:

I think I like Laura's better!


Reese said...

I totally love that idea. The Restore Habit for Humanity Store near my parents' house has lots of great shutters

Lorie said...

I have heard that Restore is a great place to get them!

I love the idea too! A LOT!

tammy said...

Very cute. I just keep thinking about all the dust that will accumulate on all the slats though. Can you tell I just cleaned all of my shutter blinds?

olive and love said...

Tammy- That thought hadn't even crossed my mind until my first post when someone brought up the idea. At least most are painted shut so perhaps that will help dust from entering the shutter. Maybe sweeping a fluffy duster wand down the wall every now and then? Hopefully it's not too bad ;-)

Lorie said...

I think a vacuum with a brush attachment would help too!