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Guest Blogger: Mary Janes and Galoshes

I am so excited that Taylor from Mary Janes and Galoshes is our guest blogger today!  I love her blog and I love her.  She is one of the many bloggers I chat with from time to time and wish I lived down the street from so that I could hang out at her house and get motivated through osmosis!  And her project for us of my favorites!  Bunting! 

When I started my blog in January, one of the first things I put on my sidebar was a Be Different... Act Normal button.  I had no idea what a button was, or what this blog was about, I just loved the name! Although I no longer have buttons on my blog, I've since fell in love with the Be Different Blog for more than just it's name!

So I'm excited to be here today sharing with you guys one of my new projects.  This June will mark my 7 year wedding anniversary to my high school sweetheart.  My wedding dress has been in storage (and not the professional preservation kind of storage) since the big day so I decided it was time to do something with it.  So all June long I'm having "I DO" Re-done! where I'm turning my wedding dress into things I find more useful! Don't worry if you don't want to cut up your own dress to make the projects, that's why they have all those old dresses at the thrift store! So pop over all month to see what I'm doing with my wedding dress and a pair of scissors!  Today we are going to make this adorable bunting!

What you need-

Linen (or linen like) fabric, just a small amount, I used a scrap I had
Beaded applique (this is the part from my dress)
Coordinating lace
Thread that matches your ribbon
sewing machine

1. Cut 4 rectangles from your linen fabric 4 inches by 7 inches.

2. Fold each rectangle in half so that you can place your applique where you think it looks good.  Pin it in place making sure to only pin through one layer (you can unfold your fabric before you pin).

3. With a thread that matches the applique exactly, tack it down around the edges.

4. Fold your fabric in half again this time with your applique on the inside (right sides together) and sew around three of the edges leaving the top open.  Snip your corners before you turn it right side out again.

5. Top stitch around all four sides (don't worry about making the top edge nice, it will be covered by our ribbon sandwich).

6. Repeat until you have your desired number of pieces (I did four).  Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to hold all your pieces plus 10-12 inches on each side for tying it up.  Evenly space your pieces and pin in place.

7. Cut a length of lace to fit between each set of flags and pin in place (we will have a lot of pins in this baby by the time we get to sewing).

8. Cut a second length of ribbon long enough to sandwich all those raw edges and top of the lace and pin into place.

9. Sew two lines down your ribbon sandwich, one to tack everything down and a top one to cover everything up.

Take out all those pins and hang! 

Thanks for having me today! Stop over and see what else I'm making from my wedding dress!


Lorie said...

Taylor, thank you so so much for guest blogging today! I love this project and can't wait to see what else you use your dress for!!

chris said...

What a pretty bunting. Wow. Thanks for I have another blog to add to my reader!

Janell said...

This made me laugh because even before my wedding I repeatedly said, "I wear the dress once and then it becomes a pile of very expensive scrap fabric."

The trick is finding the right project that actually gets me over the hesitation of taking a pair of scissors to the dress.

Rhiannon said...

This is so gorgeous, I swear if I had my sewing machine I would be whipping that up right now. As soon as my new sewing machine arrives I am so making this!

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

This is adorable and a great way to repurpose a wedding dress!

Katie said...

What a fun idea! I just made my own bunting for my daughter's bday party and while it was great for a kids party it definitely isn't something I'd be putting out in my house on a regular basis. This is really gorgeous though!!