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Pot Racks

If a metal pot rack doesn't fit the decor in your home, you could always use this idea from BHG:

Or one that is less shabby chic like this one from renest:

An old window would work too:

Heck, while searching I found pot racks made out of just about everything.  Bike wheels, wagon wheels,  heck you can even use a curtain rod and it will cut down the need for curtains in the kitchen:

Of course that only works if your pots are pretty to look at, but I guess that is what makes any pot rack work.

Do you have a pot rack?  Do you want to show me a picture?


Brittanie Gordon said...

I love pot racks! I used a old branch and just balanced it in between 2 cabinets! Love the window one though!

Lorie said...

Oh! Brittanie! Do you have a picture of that? I would love to add it to this post!

Love the Decor! said...

Love that window idea!! very creative!!

Allison @ House of Hepworths said...

I really want a pot rack but I'm afraid that having it hanging in my line of view will really bug me. I like the idea of them on the curtain rod. I'm not sure my new window will be big enough though. Hmmm, maybe when I finally move you can come over and help me decide if a pot rack is a good fit for me. :D

Andrea said...

I think that I am gonna give the "pot curtain" a whirl!