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On This Day in 2009: April 17th Edition

Chocolate Chip Cookie Smores:

We don't camp often, but we are going camping for the first time in Texas in two weeks.  I am trying to decide on cookie S'mores or S'mores made with Reese's Peanut Butter cups instead of Hershey bars.  Any other S'more recipes I should know about?

And this Circus Bathroom:

I am not a big fan of stripes being painted on the wall, but even I think this one was fun!

Dahlia Domes:

And those cake plates deserve a post of their own!

And painting your favorite recipes on your kitchen cabinets:

Or you could just paint them with chalkboard paint and change the recipes out when you feel like it!

What were you doing on your blog last year?


Patty said...

Interesting ideas. I especially like the dahlia domes. I don't think I could go for the circus bathroom though. Enjoyed.

Amie said...

I remember liking that cookie and smores idea! Last year on this day, I was stressing about finals at school (that hasn't changed!) and I had scrapbooked. :)

Anonymous said...

Smores recipe via a teenager: skip the chocolate bar. The best smores are graham crackers, nutella, and roasted marshmallows. If you want the peanut butter add a layer of creamy peanut butter to the mix. I love making them this way because I avoid the melting/soggy (bottom of the cooler) chocolate bar.
Leave the chocolate home -eat while watching your favorite movie.

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

We made two really fun s'mores recipes the last time we went camping. Inside Out S'mores is chocolate chip cookies and more chocolate are stuffed inside a marshmallow and roasted over a fire, yum!

The other is soooo yummy, but it's not sweet. Summer Sausage S'mores. You can find it at in the Appetizers and Sides section.

liz said...

Smores look HEAVENLY!!!

kelly said...

for smores you can do keebler fudge stripe cookies and marshmallows then the chocolate is already on the cookie no need for a hershey bar that is not melty anyway!

Anonymous said...

Reeses would be amazing!
The problem with s'mores (never really made them as a kid, just once grown) is that you pretty much have to shove the chocolate inside the marshmallow to roast so that it's not rigid and cold come eating time!
Chocolate chip cookies would be far superior to the graham crackers too in that they'll break where you bite, instead of like rigid sheets.
Happy camping!

Lorie said...

Oh my! I didn't think of Nutella! Nutella wins it!!!