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Pretty Pink Party Ideas

These goodies I found on Casa Menterias are practically perfect in every way and I am pretty sure that Mary Poppins wouldn't mind me saying so:

(I think those are wafer cookies dipped in pink and white.  Even if they aren't, I think wafer cookies dipped in chocolate would do the trick too!)

(I love the cake pops with swirls and the cute floating white candies and the cute little bows on the punch straws.)

Such fun ideas!

Images from Happy Happenings.


web development said...

Love the cake - is it real? It's just so perfect. And the cake pops are so cute. I just found them recently and want to make them, maybe this weekend will be a good time.

Lorie said...

Cake pops are SO easy to make!! And really good.

Oreo truffles are just as easy and yummy too, and no baking required. You use one package of Oreos and one package of cream cheese (the block)

Amie said...

Holy shamoley. Like...that's just way too perfect. And time consuming. And expensive. And wow...

Cammi at Cammi Lee Events said...

So girly! And so lovely!

Lorie said...

Amie, I need to throw you a party!