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Egg Decorating

Some fun egg decorating tricks we are going to try this weekend:
Stamping with Food Markers from Alphamom:

Rubber Cement from Crap I've Made:

Stickers and tape and sponges (oh my!) from Simply Modern Mom:

And 62 more ideas from Martha:


Amie said...

For some reason, we are just not egg decorators. We never do it, so the kids don't miss it. I'm starting to think I'm missing out.

My big issue is, I don't like eggs. So I hate to make all of these, just to waste them, because I know no one will eat them. :p

liz said...

Loved the Rubber Cement eggs!

Lynn said...

We did something like the rubber cement with hot glue. You can see where you are going, and it pulls off easily after you dye it.