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Them Bones

These bones are from Epicurious:

And ironically enough they are very similar to the earwax q-tips.

You take a pretzel stick, put marshmallows on each end and then dip them in white chocolate.

We will have to see how Saturday goes...because I have all of the ingredients to make these, but between recital practice, a football game, a birthday party and the regular Halloween festivities we will have to see if we can find time to have the kids make these.


oneordinaryday said...

I saw the ear wax snacks on another blog and they are sooooo gross that I don't know if I could even eat them. : ) But these bones.... yep. I think they would be a big hit with my crew. thanks for sharing the idea.

Roeshel said...

I haven't seen the earwax snacks - I'd be grossed out but these are so cute! :)

Happy Halloween!